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Traveling for next to nothing is NOT some top-secret hack that only super-nerds, business travelers, or rich people with a bazillion miles can do! It’s within YOUR reach, and it’s easy!

YOU can rack up points and miles, without spending one extra cent, and not only that, IMPROVE your credit score at the same time.

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 "Nina is a GAME CHANGER. Spending what I normally do, I was able to wrangle Southwest Airlines for a companion pass, which means the wife and I can basically ride for HALF PRICE for TWO YEARS. Game. Changer. We also just booked a flight to Maui for free. And we've been doing this for 6 months. Don't walk. Run. She knows what she's talking about!" 
~Ira Heinichen
"After working with Nina for just one hour, I saved $5000 thanks to her judo travel hacks. Now, I'll be flying across the Atlantic in style on a dream trip to Paris! She shows you the exact step-by-step directions to take, dropping gold nuggets left and right. And she keeps you laughing the whole time."
~Carey Bentley
Meet Nina Manni 
The Points & Miles Badass Who Makes Traveling Fun, Simple, And Fast.
Nina has developed a system that’s helped her and her clients rack up millions of points, travel to dozens of countries, and save tens of thousands of dollars. 

She's also the host of the Get to The Point Podcast, where her former life as a professional comedian meets her current life as a points and miles badass. 
You Too Can Travel For Next To Nothing
“Growing up with a single mom struggling to provide for 2 kids, we never went on vacation. I figured vacations were only for rich people.

In my 30s, I still wanted to travel, but I couldn’t believe how expensive nice vacations were. I had a problem — I wanted Instagram-level vacations at MySpace-level prices.

One day I was at lunch with my friend Katie and she was like, “I opened these 2 credit cards and got enough points for a free vacation.”

The Points & Miles Game Doesn't Have To Be Complicated!
I became obsessed. I scoured the internet for information about how I could travel for next to nothing, and I learned... it’s possible. After I spent a week in New York City with my husband and my air and hotel cost me less than $40, I knew this was something I had to share with everyone I knew!

I've spent the past 5 years figuring out a way to make Points & Miles accessible. I waded through all the boring stuff and was confused as hell for a long time so that you don't have to be. I promise you, the points and miles game doesn't have to be complicated. It can actually be fun! 

"I've Already Done The Hard Work For You!"
I am here to grab you by the hand and to lead you step by step through this process. No need for you to try and figure out what is important or necessary. I've done that for you. I’ve also made all the mistakes, and learned from them so you don’t have to! 

I will give you the game changing foundation so many are missing in this hobby, the system so few know about that gets you earning maximum rewards points ASAP, and an awesome, supportive community to cheer you on. 
Get Results, Fast
Save Big on Travel In As Little As 3 Months!
The Get to the Point Workshop contains years and years of dedication and hard work, and only includes the information, steps and techniques that I know will get you real results. I’m here to save you hours, hell, YEARS of time trying to figure out how to get (practically!) free vacations.

Even if points and miles seem confusing to you or you don’t even know what a point or a mile is (No judgement!) THIS PROGRAM WILL WORK FOR YOU.

Unlike other training programs that either cost a fortune, take forever to learn or overwhelm you with information that doesn’t really give you the results that you want, my program will give you proven methods that you can learn, step-by-step, for successful travel for next to nothing.

One of my clients came to me super upset she and her partner couldn’t afford to go Italy for a friend’s wedding. 
Within three months she - well, I’ll let her tell you...

“I bought 2 multi-city tickets to Rome, 2 one way tickets to Massachusetts, and another round trip ticket domestically. It all cost me less than $250!!! No exaggeration. Nina is a super badass at saving money, and she can teach you how to do it too. Trust me, I'm a dummy and this was sooooooo easy.” 
~ Elaine
P.S. She’s no dummy. She got my help! :)
 "When I told her my goal was to fly business/first class RT to Tokyo or London and get most hotel nights free, she was like "This is so easy! You can totally make that happen." Nina definitely filled in the gaps so I can really max my credit card perks. 
GO! Sign up!" 
~Sarah Dorfman
"Nina is like a wizard and has shown me how to make my money work for me so I can enjoy things like not paying a billion dollars for flights and hotels. She demystifies the whole process of how to use points and travel awards into simple words that even someone like me can understand. Also, added bonus, she teaches you all this while keeping you laughing and entertained."
~Elizabeth Ho
Just Imagine...
Imagine not having to scrimp and save and worry to go on vacation.

Imagine a friend or a family member getting married somewhere exotic and not having to deplete your savings or max out a credit card to go! 

Imagine visiting your friends and family whenever you want! 

Imagine having to travel because of an emergency and it not costing you an arm and a leg! 

(When a good friend didn't have the money to see her sick father in Japan, being able to get her a round trip ticket for less than $50 and giving her one less thing to worry about was PRICELESS. You're going to be able to do that kind of stuff too. It’s pretty damn great.)

Imagine always wanting to go somewhere and then JUST GOING!!! 
What You’ll Be Getting In This Life-Changing Course
Get The Proven Methods To Travel For Next To Nothing
Secrets to the vital foundations of a points and miles hobby
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Tricks to earning maximum points that most people miss out on
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Step-by-Step guides to redeeming your points
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Quick Guide to how points and miles work
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How to sign up for cards to get the most rewards
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Real-Life Case Studies for How To Book Free Travel
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Don't Keep Wasting Money!
Most Travelers Are Throwing Away Money Needlessly. Don't Be Like Everyone Else.
Remember, by not joining my community of people who are saving big money on travel, you are wasting thousands of dollars and creating financial stress you don’t need! 

My straight-forward system is a high-speed on-ramp to traveling for next to nothing. 

With your dedication, I will get you:

🌎Dreaming big!
🌎Earning to your max!
🌎Planning dope vacations!
🌎Redeeming your points for trips you thought were out of your reach.

Every day you wait is more $$ you are leaving on the table! 

Join today and Get to the Point!

 "In just a handful of months, I have been able to accumulate enough points to fly to Tulum for free last month, and to South Africa for free in a couple of months. To think of how much money I used to leave on the table before taking this class is just painful!!! I can honestly say this was, hands down, the best money I've ever spent. Thanks, Nina!!!"  
~Nawal Bengholam
"I have struggled my whole life to properly take advantage of these opportunities and Nina gave me the tools, and easy organization techniques which allowed me to recently earn a 2-year Companion Pass on Southwest. So for the next two years, wherever I go, my hubby goes for free!" 
~Jamie McGonnigal
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